Introducing CDA

Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. (CDA) includes  innovative R&D consultants specialized in optics, light and imaging technologies. We act as problem solving innovators for product design and development to augment product development resources of established companies or to develop products for new companies.



Choosing CDA

We are known for our creative and competitive cost-effective product development and our designs which often use existing commercial parts to avoid expensive tooling. CDA has optical technology resources based on experience from serving more than 150 client companies since 1976. Our purpose is to help you develop more competitive products.



Working with CDA

We work closely with your staff since they have important ideas and know your firm's technical, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities. By working together we help you to leapfrog competition, accelerate new project development, reduce R&D risk, and reduce product obsolescence by developing new applications.

CDA will perform a preliminary analysis of your project  to propose a development approach to meet your specific needs. During the consulting process we may point out problems with respect to function, manufacturability, cost, or marketability to save clients and investors unnecessary expense. We usually work on a phased project basis from product definition, feasibility, specifications, design, prototypes, and planning strategies for manufacturing and marketing.



Ethics & Confidentiality

CDA will only take on projects which promise to benefit the client beyond the fees charged. We adhere to a code of ethics which requires strict confidence between the client and us in accordance with standards of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC). We keep each client's work confidential except when disclosure is specifically permitted. Patent rights and designs are typically transferred to the client.



I use my optical product innovation expertise, capabilities, and current publications to help accelerate the development of new products.

Curt Deckert

My extensive R&D experience in light, optics, vision, medical devices, and other optical systems can be applied to reduce risk, accelerate product development, and provide increased value.

Prior to beginning my consulting practice 37years ago, I acquired valuable experience working for Northrop, CalComp, Ford Aerospace, and Abbott Labs. Since then I have consulted to over 150 companies. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) directing the Orange County Technology SIG, I have acquired additional academic and commercial product innovation capabilities and resources.